Grade 3 Tribute to Racette School - 'Just One Candle'

2011 Christmas Concerts - click on the names to view video

PreSchool Concert , Cardinal Przyblyski, Kuraitis , Bouvier, Funk/Nowak , Kindergarten Finale

Grade 1 - Part 1                      Part 2                    Part 3                              Part 4

Grade 2/3 Concert

Ring Those Bells - Abougouche/Barron                  

Ring Those Bells Part 2

Ring The Merry Bells -  Grade 2/3 Choir

Drown Her Out - Prevost/Negriaff

Tick Tock - Thody/Phillips                           

Tick Tock - part 2

Alleluia! - Stewart/Brocklesby                   

Tone Chime Medley - Burns/ Lauzon

Tone Chime Medley 2                                 

Christmas is Love

Finale - It's Christmas - All Cast and Musicians

Cast Introductions


Library Card Catalogue

- Student use this link to search for library books.

Canada Science and Technology Museum - Kids' Zone
- Activities, articles and interactive features like the Inventions Gallery, where kids can submit their own inventions to be showcased online.

Canadian Museum of Nature
-  Facts, games and activities about the natural world around us.

First Among Equals
-  Learn about the job and the people who have been Prime Minister of Canada.

Great Lakes Kids
- Videos, games, activities, puzzles, coloring book and everything you could want to know about the Great Lakes.

Math Central
- Get your math questions answered here. Also, visit this site for ideas for science fairs, and for the monthly math problems.

Statistics Canada Kids Zone
-  Puzzles, quizzes, maps of Canada, online colouring book and more.

-  Is a powerful resource for Alberta students preparing for their government achievement tests and diploma exams.

-  A resource to assist kids with reading.  A voice reads stories alongside with students.

-  A library of chapter books and novels with readalong assistance.

Accountability Pillar Link for Teachers, Grade 4 Students, and Grade 7 Students

Learn Alberta

Learn Alberta is a website developed by the Alberta Department of Education. It has many useful educational links on it.



Transportation Website