Cheryl Burns

Teachers - Grade 3

About Me

I started my career teaching at a private school in another province. Then I spent five years working at a First Nations School, where I was the Special Education Coordinator and also had my own class. During the five years I also did administration. My family then moved to another community, where I was asked to work on a Provincal Government Program working with adult learners. I work with this program for two years. During this time I also did substitute work in the Grade 4-6 school; mostly in art. At this time I returned to the First Nations school and taught a split class of Grade one/two. The following year I began what would be the first of four years at an Outreach School, working with youth that needed or wanted an alternate program to the traditional high school. During this time I also had two years of administration work along with being int eh classroom. I then transfered to Vera M. Welsh. During my years at Vera M. Welsh (several) I have worked in Grade Three and Grade Two. Teaching is my passion and the students are my children;  yes even when they have become all grown up. 

If you would like to connect with what is happening in the classroom please look at my Teacher Page.