Shannon Simpson

Student Services - On My Way

About Me


I am so excited to tell you about myself and excited to be part of your child's education this year.

 I have been teaching at Vera M. Welsh for 15 years and in kindergarten for 12 years. And teaching the Early Intervention program for the last 2 years.

I believe that all children can learn and by developing a nurturing and engaging classroom and fostering a love of learning in the children, your child is on the right road to become an engaged learner throughout their school career.

I have a passion for oral language development and as the On My Way! teacher believe that children can learn all the skills they need to prepare themself for school through play. In the On My Way program, the children will be engaged in a developmentally appropriate setting through play.  The children will learn social skills like sharing and taking turns.

The great thing about On My Way! is that the children's goals drive the curriculum, so whatever the children need to learn is what we cover.  Using strategies from Hanen, a leader in developmentally appropriate activities to engage children's oral language development, the children are able to learn through play, and love it!!!

I welcome input and sharing from all! Parents, caregivers, teachers, and children.  You are all important in the children's growth at school.  If you ever have any questions or concerns, feel free to come see me or talk to me:)

It should be an exciting year!

To find out more about my Kindergarten class, click HERE.